Cool? Weird? Hopscotch forum!



I found out that there is topics about hopscotch but there isn't one about hopscotch forum so let's post about what we can do to improve hopscotch forum!
So here it os give 2 stars and 2 wish!


Um..... They can make it less laggy... :grin:


The lag is actually because we post waaaaay more and faster here then on other forums :joy:

The longest of silence here is a few hours, on another Discourse forum it'd be days.


Maybe by allowing an Unkind flag.


You can flag as "Inappropriate" if someone is being mean, because inappropriate means "offensive, abusive, or a violation of Community Guidelines" in flag-terms.


Isn't the topic called How can WE improve the forum
Not how it can be better?
Not trying 2 be mean


Oh.... I though it was how could Hopscotch forums be better...