Cool tip for drawing pads :3



Hi! Maybe someone created it before me, but I want to share my tip for making drawing pads :D
1. Create a project (of course)

2. Add a text- it will be the 'cursor' nevermind the background; it's my done pad

3. Create 3 values: Hue, Saturation and Brightness (if you want, add width too)
4. Add a point, square, anything and code something like this:

And a rule for brightness, too (sorry I took the photo too early)
5. Add more colors. Doing the color rules is useful if you want to make some shades of one color :D

I need help making an art pad! Any helping brushes?

This is great! And really cool.


Thanks :D
the idea came from laziness


Great topic! It's super useful!


Thx :smile:


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Mind if I use this someday?