Cool text types!


Idea from How to make green text (learned from @mini).

Hai everyone! I'll be showcasing some cool text tricks you can do to make your posts a bit more interesting.

Strikeout - Use <s (add the other arrow at the end for every one of these)
Huge text - Use <big
Text that looks like it was deleted - Use <del
Bold and Italic -Use <b and <i respectively
Tiny text - Use <small
Even tinier text - Use <sup or <sub as many times as you need
Green text - Use <a
Links - Use <a href=[some link to somewhere else]
Box thing - Use <kbd
Text that looks like it was added - Use <ins

The code text

Use <pre for this

The line (look down)

Use underscore 3 times

I hope you enjoyed this! There are other tricks and other ways that I may have missed, I know. But I tried to make this simple. I did everything in HTML for simplicity. :slight_smile: After all, who wants to remember both Markdown and HTML?

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I always thoughat is was aqua because the thing is a


I've bookmarked this. Thanks so much, I've been looking for something like this for a while.


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Ooh this is awesome, can I add one? If you surround text with these: ` it will convert it to 'code' formatting:


will be:




cool more instructions on how to do stuff!
How can you make the blue box text that looks like it was added?


Oooh hm, which one does that look like sorry? :thinking:


<a href=[]


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Another method: <pre>

That turns code into preformatted text.


You can leave longer spaces too.

And Gaps.

You can't normally do that.

Look at Lenny
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like so!


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Don't use brackets. :smiley:


Amazing topic! I learned a lot!