Cool Spaceship Game


Hello, I'm back at another forum post since my return yesterday!

I was doing random stuff when I created an ease follow your touch but I misplaced some blocks and it only followed my x axis. I thought wow this could be made into something. I lowered it some and did this cool thing where the farther you are from the width/2 in both positive and negative your y value will increase up to around 50-75 higher near the edges. Then I made it then to do the same thing but with a set angle block and it looked really cool! Then I thought to myself that I could make like s Phoenix Game (look the game up on the App Store it's pretty cool, but Phoenix lets you move in the y axis but it also moved up to which I didn't want to do something exactly like it so I kept it as is) so I made the object a cool looking space ship and added my new moving space background which is really cool, trust me it's a really cool background, and now I'm stuck. The way it's made is weird and I'm not sure how I would turn it into a game without me having to change it quite a bit to make it work like an infinite runner or something. I kinda want to keep it as is so I don't have to re type all my formulas and stuff for the ship mechanics again.

Here's the project :

Tell me how you like it and give me pitches on how I can make it interactive! I will try to incorporate everyone's ideas and if they are used I'll put your hopscotch account under credits.


Idk. A shooter game I guess?


I actually made a shooting mechanic for it but it doesnt work like you would think it would and doesn't look right


I thought of maybe an asteroid dodger or something, but it will take me a bit since I have to do a few things to make it work with the background.


Wow I love hearing how one idea led to another thing which led to another thing and you were just playing around with things :smile: I really like the feel of how the spaceship moves! And the background makes you feel like you're going super fast!

Hmm I don't have any ideas for game mechanics :upside_down::thinking: but one thing that came to me just now was imagining maybe the background changing as time goes by, making you feel like you're moving across vast expanses of space... :cyclone: :stars: it could change colour and grow lighter or there could be different things appearing.

(This is just a random idea and you don't have to incorporate it in the least!)


Yeah I was thinking about adding random planets that are far away here and there just to make it feel like space. I also want to make you go faster dispending on how high you place your finger on the screen for a more interactive experience.


This is cool! Maybe make smaller stars, farther off, that move slightly slower.


That's already done, it's just that I really didn't make it a big difference, if you look you can see that or you can check the code. And I also plan to add planets and stuff so the effect will be more noticeable with them


Oh. Hehe. I didn't notice that, that would explain why it's so good.

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It's actually semi-3D, there is a value called z in there so if I ever want to do something more 3D I can, which also makes me think of a cool block that could be added called a set layer block which can set what order all the objects will be in. So I can have a ball farther away be on a lower layer while a ball closer will be in a higher layer. Since that doesn't exist yet I guess I will have to just wait.


Wow these are really awesome ideas!

Yeah i have heard others would find a Set Layer block to be handy as well. Although now that you mention it, a quick idea came into my head about a possible temporary workaround... :thinking: don't know if this will work

Send to Back
Repeat times Layer // the layer that you want to set this object to
    Bring to Front

just thinking, the layers that are higher will be 'brought to the front' more and will be in front of the objects that have been 'brought to the front' less :thinking:


Yeah, in theory that should work. It's just that it would be more efficient to just have 1 block over 3. It would be time consuming but I'm sure if someone puts there mind to it they can do it.


I'll actually make a quick game using this to see how well it would work


It depends when that code is executed. If a object runs it a second later then it will be more in front then an object that runs it earlier.


Yeah it is the same with other blocks we haven't had hehe, it takes longer but it can be interesting trying out other ways

I'm not sure how it would work when you want to update the Layer of an object (if you use Bring To Front on it, it will automatically come up as the thing at the highest layer) so it will probably be something you mignt do at the start of a project. (But that also assumes that all objects run When Game Starts at the same time)

Edit: also @MR.GAM3R's point :slight_smile:


This isn't a version of the shade ship game, it's a 3d test


This is what I made, I also made you system down to 2 block because the way I did my z value. Also ignore how bad the "walking is" I just threw something together. And I already thought of having it all happen at the same time because I knew that would be a problem in the beggening


Made a new version of it. It changes your speed depending on your last touch y and it will display it below, i also changed the ship and the stars!



Can I use it if I give credit? Sorry for asking, but, you know, I think it would boost the game's popularity.

Maybe make a whole game out of this. Dude, seriously, I LOVE THIS, and if you incorporate a story and/or gameplay in it, I would love it even more.


Way ahead of you, if you have an idea on how you can make it 'interactive' tell me because I'm having trouble doing so. I thought of doing a think where you have to fly for so long before you could win but I think that would be boring but idk.


Alert, Alert! NEW VERSION!

It's a pretty cool update that adds a cool jitter effect the faster you go!

Have any suggestions? Tell me on here!