Cool projectes and coding partners



I am new on this and would love someone to help me and be my coding partner so we could make cool projects. My name on hopscotch is amymc and you can look at my projects to see if you will help me:stuck_out_tongue: thanks


Yay! Welcome the forum!
I'd love to be your partner!


:dizzy_face:SO CUTE!!!! #ilovepusheen


Me too!


UNIPUSHEEN!!!!!!!! I love it


No, its the





Hahahah lol! I love them although....


@Puppylover111 and @BlueBubbles please get back on topic. You could make a pusheen fan club to talk about it (code, talk about, post pictures about pusheen). You wouldn't want this topic to be flagged


Ya Sorry I love pusheen now!


Psst... BB I made something of you on hopscotch... Search "weird pusheen" and we'll ya!


Yeah I saw it because I follow you. I love it tho it's a little weird :sweat_smile:


Mmmm ya! It's weird!


@BlueBubbles I would love to be your coding partner what is your hopscotch name:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Yeah! Yay! I'm gonna start a Pusheen fan Club!




I like pictures of Pusheen (I first heard of Pusheen on Hopscotch), but let's not clog up the club topic with pictures. We don't want it to get closed down—bye, school, see you at recess.


I totally love pusheen! But remember to keep it hopscotch related :wink:


Yeah! We will make Pusheen projects! Want to join?


Um... Sure! I'm making pusheen pixel art!