Cool project ideas?



Any project ideas?

It can be anything!
Credit will be given! :wink:


Hey @MagmaPOP! First off, I wanna say I'm a big fan of your games :smiley:
There are plenty of threads on some game ideas you can use:

What should I make

one I love your projects two I think you should make some cool 3D art!


one thanks two what would you like to see in 3D?


Hmm I know you did the 3D spinning creeper head in minecraft so I think a 3D spinning steve head mabey?


I think you should add the ability to change the colour of the sphere on your rainbow sphere project.


@MagmaPOP please make a 3D grass block! :slightly_smiling:


someone already did that...


In addition to @BuildASnowman's great suggestions for topics on the forum, you could search for "ideas" in the magnifying glass at the top right corner :smiley:


@MagmaPOP, Make a game like Minecraft or Terria? I love what you make too.


Plz make a challenge that's related to Halloween


You should do some drawing with code like turn blocks and leave a trail or do a contest!!
Hope this helps


You should make a project with emoji characters and the theme is: Fall time!


You should do an IPad or five nights at Freddy's?


You could do something gta style. But kid-friendly
Where you can explore places, and interact with things.
Object ideas: cars, buildings, cool prizes, doors...


what about an old zelda game? I tried to do that with chickie quest 1,2,and 3 but in the end the only one that worked was chickie quest 3, and even that was LAGGY because of hopscotches limitations. Its super easy to make something simple. However, the more complex the project, the harder it is to make.


Try making a game that doesn't require the player to see the screen and can be played just by touching/tapping or tilting the Ipad in complete darkness. I don't mean a cookie clicker game. There are other possibilities. I've thought of some ideas but i'll let you try to come up with your own.


You could help me do a social media website? I am doing Instagram.. But you could do your own, like Facebook/twitter/snap chat? BTW I think you are AMAZING at hopscotch, I always check your account to see if you have posted something new!


i made a post about that here


Oooh do the legend of Zelda the minish cap (I love that one)