Cool Programming Resources You Should Check Out!


First things first: I’m still here. I’m just extremely inactive. I want to be active on the forum again, though I don’t plan to make anything else in Hopscotch. Anyways, lets get on to the actual topic.

@OMTL (so people can see all these cool things :smiley: )


Learning to code in other languages

Codecademy - Codecademy offers a ton of different courses including HTML & CSS, JavaScript, and even things like using the command line! The website also has you actually type out code (in various activities), which helps it stick in your brain.
Sololearn - Sololearn is similar to Codecademy, as it also aims to teach code. Though it has more programming languages to learn, it doesn’t have as many specific-case courses. Sololearn takes the approach of telling you stuff, then quizzing you on what you just learned.

Places to write code

Pythonista - Pythonista is a full-featured mobile Python IDE, right on your apple device. It has support for the full Python standard library, and a handful of its own modules that help to interact with your device. It’s fairly expensive, but well worth the price if you need a place to write Python code.
Codea - Codea is a mobile IDE for the Lua programming language. It has support for graphics, sound, and more. As of recently, Codea came out with Codea Craft, which is a really cool library to make 3D games in Codea. It is also pretty expensive, but again, well worth the price.
Codepen - Codepen is an online website that lets you write cool little websites (called pens) in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It has full support for all web standards, and even has some cool features like the ability to use external libraries and preprocessors. It’s free to use, but also has a paid Pro feature for those who want extra (but not necessary) features on the website.
Scratch - Scratch is similar to Hopscotch, but in a web browser. It allows you to make games, simulations, and more. It’s free to use, and pretty easy to get started on, especially if you use Hopscotch a lot.
Processing - Processing is a Java-based language that has support for graphics, sound, and so much more. It’s slightly easier to learn than vanilla Java.

New programming languages and modifications to existing ones

Sonic Pi - Sonic Pi is a modification for the Ruby programming language that allows you to make music by writing code. It comes in the form of a downloadable application for your computer.
Skript - Skript is an English-based programming language for Minecraft servers. It comes in the form of a plugin that can be installed on almost any Minecraft server. It’s pretty easy to use as long as you aren’t doing anything super complex.
p5.js - p5 is a JavaScript library that aims to recreate all of the functions of Processing. It’s very easy to use, and if you already know JavaScript, it’ll be easy to learn

Want me to add another resource to this list? Let me know in this topic by replying with the resource name, a link to the resource (or a webpage about it), and a description.

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Woah! This topic was very informative! It makes me want to start coding…


I’ve tried Codecademy before. I don’t know if it’s that good. I’m trying to learn python


Well, I used it to learn both Python and JavaScript, and I found it to be pretty effective at making me remember everything.


Thanks, I work better with more interacting


I used codea for a bit


ooo usefull


Hello, that was long time ago! This topic is extremely helpful!
Here’s some of my recommendations:
For coding using Python on a computer, I really recommend the free version if PyCharm. It’s a IDE with built-in PIP and PyPi (or at least in-built package installing), tooltips, a file manager and more! It does require Python installed on your computer though.

For searching about usage for Python code, I recommend and the official Python Documentation.

I also recommend these external Python Libaries:
phue - if you are like me and have Philips Hue lights (smart lights from the company Philips) in your house, this library is really easy to use and I use it all the time to control my lights!

easygui - if you’re new to programming in Python, you can make an easy GUI with this library/package.


I would not recommend sololearn for first time coders/newbies, it’s not helpful. Once you understand how code works, sololearn is an easy way to learn other languages fairly quickly. Until then, I would not recommend it.

(Talking from experience)


Yayaya your back @Valgo!


Have you ever heard of Xcode?


@Jordan Yes, I have heard of XCode. I’ve never used it though.


I’m in progress of using it @Valgo


I wish I could use Xcode but sadly it only works on Mac computers, in which I don’t have. Otherwise I’d be all over it.


I agree with you (sololearn). Better for moderate programmers.


Woah its Zap!
Also i endorse Sololearn. It is awesomeeeee


I don’t really use most of the other coding resources. I use Block Code (Hopscotch, Scratch, Tynker [forced by the school :tired_face::cry::fearful::cold_sweat::scream:],, App Inventor) HTML (Google Apps Script, and Javascript/Python occasionally (, Tynker[:tired_face:], Sololearn).



ever heard of

Google Android and Android Studio

its way better,


you are aware that having an app on the Apple App Store is USD$99 per year or so?

google play is $25 initial fee, iirc, nothing else


That sounds interesting (I knew you were replying to someone else, but, lol XD). Is it like an app programming thingy?


scratch? i use it to talk on the ATs, most of us there dont even use it to code

tynker? ew its weird

app inventor? its ok, it has java syntax

Both the things for HTML? just code it yourself. (side note: i made this website for my friend

JS? use it by yourself…

Python? NO

Sololearn? its ok