Cool math animation - can anyone code this in hopscotch?


Can anyone code this animation in hopscotch? I bet this would look really cool


It could probably be done but getting those lines would be hard without subscription
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Welcome to the forum! If you ever need any help, write like this: @William04GamerA in a post to send me a notification so I can be able to help you. I agree, that math animation would be really cool if someone coded it in Hopscotch.


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I’m going to try make this. Probably will use dynamic trail art.


I did something like that, i think it was called “spinning dots illusion”

it was before i knew how to do adequate trail art

btw, when i make dynamic art, it always flashes rip

ill get a link later


I actually tried to make that awhile ago but it was so difficult to get the timing right. I think the dots slow down slightly at the end of their beams which made it more difficult. I could be crazy but idk I’ve watched the animation for so long😂


You need fewer blocks per frame. Split it into a few When rules.


i have like 1 block per rule

one is when 7=7 set pos to x1y1

other is when 7=7 set pos to x2y2

ill send screenshot tomorrow



Why complicate it for yourself? Why not use
_________________ (these lines) and use sine and cosine??


That would work, too. Didn’t really think about it.


Yeah, dynamic trail art would be a bit hard because that animation is very fast, dynamics run too slow.


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