Cool idea, post your project on the forum!



If you would like to technically post your Hopscotch project's, you can go to the "..." in a Hopscotch project, then you go to share a link, then you go the Hopscotch Forum, make a new post or reply, press the Hyperlink button, then delete the http part then paste your link their, and then you are done! (You can name what your Link can be).


YOUR ARE SUCH A GREAT CODER @t1_hopscotch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In the new update you have to just click the chain button

And then it should say this:

@Phase_Studios just so you know


I haven't got it @Gabe_N. :disappointed_relieved:


Ok @Phase_Studios just for future reference :grinning:


I updated it Hopscotch, and I don't have the link button.


Hey @Phase_Studios and @Gabe_N! That link button is in the beta but didn't make it into the current update. It's main purpose will be to link to the upcoming Web Player, which we've nearly finished.


But... Why found it very helpful and time saving


That's awesome! I was wondering why the link button wasn't there too. Looking forward to the Web Player :smile: Didn't expect it would be so soon :smiley:


@Ian will the web player run hopscotch projects better as a pc has more power than an Ipad? Like when a hopscotch game slows to a crawl on the ipad because of too many sprites or code running will it be smoother on a pc like a core i5 for example?


There isn't a link button yet, but if you enter a project while it is still running and you press on the 3 dotted button above, it should have a button named share. If you press on it there is a button called copy link.