Cool Hopscotch book I found in my school library!


I found this cool hs book in my school library!!!

Someone wrote a book about Hopscotch!

Oh wow that's awesome!!!!!


Woah! Thats so cool!
Who wrote it though?


A Patricia Harris.

Search "Patricia Harris Hopscotch"

@Madi_Hopscotch_ you are so stalkling my posts :joy:


Yeah ther was hopscotch,scratch,raspberry pie,ruby,Python,mincraft,Lego!!
Those are the other ones in the Series !




XD! That just made my day. c:


What did?????! @WasIdealessHere??!


The book! XD

:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: I'm still laughing



In a more senseful manner, can you post some pages?


Someone catch me if I faint!!!! faints


That's so cool! I saw some books by the same author, about different coding languages =D


And can picture be in better quality?


Wow that is so awesome!! :smiley:


Omgee XD

to can't believe there's actually a book XD


Hey, sometimes I do, but this time I actually wasn't! :joy: I liked your post because it was helpful and I found her book online. :wink::smirk::joy:

I would also like to add that you spamliked me 35 times earlier​:smirk:


Yeah but that was an every-fourth-February overdue ;(


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