Cool Glow Sprite Request Form


So, last night, I made something really cool in Codea, a coding app. It allows me to make drawings like this:

:0 ikr

So, I decided that I could draw things like this for you guys to use in projects. Here is the form to use to request these:

Colors (in order of what you want the gradient to be, RGB colors if possible):
What do you want the image to be of (something basic):
How many different ones (no more than 5, like similar sprites but slightly different):

Note: If you use yours in a project, PLEASE give credit to me!

Edit: I made a new profile picture with this teqnique!


Wowowoow cool!!!!!
Hi @Valgo!!!
I gave u a shoutout in my bio!!!!


Hey, and thanks! :smiley:


I love to talk to famous hops like you!!!!
And i love your kalidecosmos draw!


That's so cool Zap! Amazhang idea!


WOAH how did you do that? :open_mouth:


Basic explanation:
I have a array (list) of colors. There are 2 images. When I draw with my finger, it will draw onto one of the images. Based on how much the first image is drawn on to, it will color the second image.