Cool Forum Tricks!(REVAMP)



Hello it is me Phase Admin, I am going to show you some cool stuff.

Wanna see some cool stuff with HTML?

Space Between!

I am trying to make it even more spaced! I am so frustrated! I wonder what I can do?

Huh? How did I do this? Well check bellow!
<h1></h1>for each line!


Another cool feature is this.
This is a button!
This is a button!

How to do this.
<kbd>This is a button!</kbd>


The Hopscotch Forums!!

This is how you do it!
<a href="Where your link goes">The text that you want!</a>


Images in HTML from a picture that has a link source!

It should be their but it is not working! I will fix it later.

How to do it!
<img src="place your image link here"></img>

Blurred Text!

Have you ever wanted to say something but blurred it out? Well, just look down!

This is a huge spoiler!

This is how you do it!
Type what you want here!
Make sure you have the ] at the end of the last spoiler!

Different Sized Text!




This is how you do it! XD
To do it you want to do this!
#Your text here!
##Your text here!
###Your text here!

Drop Down Text!

Example right above! TEEHEE
How to do this!
[details=Text You Want It To Show]
The text that you want to say!

This is all I got for now! I will add more! Bye!


There's nothing In Them...


Cool tutorial! :)


Amazing topic, great job!


Fixed it, lol.


SBYP, please. I made a topic just like this much before. Again, SBYP.


I don't want to be rude, but actually you are the one that should have searched before you posted.

Phase did a first version of this back in february last year, while you did yours 16 March this year :wink:

Nice tutorial Phase :D


I know, but with this revamp...


The last one is going to be gone because of the new categories.