Cool Forum Tricks! (more πŸ˜‰)



Hello it is me Phase Admin, I am going to show you some cool stuff.

Wanna see some cool stuff with HTML?

Space Between!

I am trying to make it even more spaced! I am so frustrated! I wonder what I can do?

Huh? How did I do this? Well check bellow!

<h1></h1> for each line!


Another cool feature is this.
This is a button!

How to do this.
<kbd>This is a button!</kbd>


The Hopscotch forums!

This is how you do it!
<a href="Where your link goes">The text that you want!</a>


Images in HTML from a picture that has a link source!

It should be their but it is not working! I will fix it later.
<img src="place your image link here"></img>

Blurred Text!

Have you ever wanted to say something but blurred it out? Well, just look down!

This is a huge spoiler!

This is how you do it!
Type what you want here!
Make sure you have the ] at the end of the last spoiler!

Different Sized Text!




This is how you do it! XD
To do it you want to do this!
Your text here!
1 is the largest number and text and 6 is the smallest number and text.
[size=40]You can also do THIS![/size]
How to do this:
The size limit is 40 and the smallest is 4.
Text here!

Drop Down Text!

Example right above! TEEHEE
How to do this!
[details=Text You Want It To Show]
The text that you want to say!

This is all I got for now! I will add more! Bye!

Please do not say search before you post or anything! I will get mad!

Awesome tag list made by F4LO


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Great tutorial! It's really helpful!


Thank you! I forgot to add something for a reminder!


it works yay it really works thanks for the idea!


This a amazing tutorial! :D



I really like it. It's awesome!

You should add the
Blurry Text
Trick using

What u want 2 say


Do u work> Tell me/a>


Cool lol, but I think @AHappyCoder already has a tutorial on this


Thanks F4LO :slightly_smiling:


There's also this

Line feature you can add!

Also the spoiler feature


Ok did you know that I love the color blue?

Everyone alert this is a huge spoiler....xd


Excuse me?!?!?!?! Did you ready my first post all the way through? I didn't want anyone to say anything like search before you post. I made this all in HTML not now buttons in the editor. Sorry if I sounded rude. :wink:


OMG Did it work XD


Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! ;-;


There's a better way to make the spacing.

But I'm not telling! Hehehehehehehehee!

Also, I warned you. Now every post is going to be super big! :confused:


It is ok, I really don't like it when people are saying to search before you post. Just remember that for me!




Yeah, like those posts... :sweat_smile:


Keyboard Button!