Cool "Drop down" List?



Hi! I'm kinda new to the forum and I don't know how to do one of those drop down things. (OTMLS???) I might be thinking of a poll, but do you do [/details]? I forgot ;~;


do [details=whatever} but instead of } have another [
so it looks like



Lol it's not working


Is this hidden

Well that works


You do
[details=title here]
Blah blah whatever you want inside the drop down here

Be careful! There is a glitch which might not make this work right.
Hope that helped! Welcome to the forum! Feel free to @ me at anytime if you need any more help!


Welcome to the forum @Himynameismeredith1!
To make a drop down list, type

[details=Random name]
Type your text here!

It will look like


This this this this this

There is a glitch that makes your drop down lists look like


This this this

, which happens when you don't skip a line before the list.


I think I might have that


For the help :blush:


If your details aren't working, make sure you don't have text directly above it. You'd need an empty line between it.

Like if you have text here,
details wouldn't work if you'd put it here.

[details=Random title]
To @Himynameismeredith1

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How do you make the thingy like that?

Don't mind Disky's post!



Thank you! @CatWithABrush

What do u use tag thingy for?
What do u ise to edit photos liek that?


Welcome to the forum, @Himynameismeredith1! Wanna be friends?

The OMTL is the "Official Mass Tag List". You use this instead of making your own so you don't get in trouble!


I use Paper (an app). The bad thing in it is you can only add 1 photo to a project :(


Sure @HappyPerson!
Thanks for the meaning for OTML too :grinning:


I saw yours too @CatWithABrush Hee Hee


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It never works. When will it get fixed??


You have to mess around with it. I can usually fix it.


Hello testing 123


Hello testing 123