COOL COLLAB by SmilingStudios


Hi it's SmilingStudios again...
People said I could do some collab with them so yeah...
Anyone is welcome!

I will pick 5 people to start off with no then extend the club bit by bit.

I think we will be starting after the Halloween contest as I am busy with my project!


Has a project with 15+ likes.


Hopscotch username:
Why do u wanna join? :
Trade drafts or account:

List of ppl
Mod : @FruityMilkshake

@Dude73 @CreationsOfANoob @Snoopy @KVJ @TheGreenBAnAna @Hermione @Maltese


Why was I tagged? :smiley:


Cause @Hermione told me you were her Senpai ! And you are cool and you are !!


Thank you so much! I've been super busy, so I can't do this. ;-;
I can help you to get more people, though! You should use the OMTL!
If you need small help, I can help you!


And what is the OMTL :D


The Official Mass Tag List! :D
It's basically a list of people who want to be tagged. You can use it to attract attention into your topics! Just copy and paste the list here!


Can I join? I passed the requirements. :smile:

Forum username: Dude73
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Why: this sounds really fun, and we'd get to know each other as friends! :smile:
Trade drafts


Of course that's why I tagged you !!
And you told me to do a collab togother so yeah !


Hello there :smile: it looks like I was tagged!

I'm pretty sure I can't really participate, for a lot of reasons D: