Cool Coding Places



Have you ever wondered that you wanted to learn a programing on a computer well then, go to!!!!!!!!!!!! It is really fun, this is what I use to for me to learn program, I am making so cool stuff and I their is lots of different coding langues on Code Academy!


I also want to suggest a few places where I learned to code:

Youtube tutorials
There are plently of amazing tutorials out there for programming.
Someone named thenewboston has some amazing tutorials for a lot of different languages.

There are a lot of awesome websites to learn programming.
As phase said, there is codeacademy.
There is also khanacademy which not only has programming but also a wide range of topics such as math, history, computer hardware, etc.

There is The Art of Problem Solving which is great for beginniners wanting to learn Python or Java.

When you start programming, you are going to have questions about your code. Well, for programming help you can go to stackoverflow, made by @codinghorror, the creator of the tool we use for this form! Thousands of people are online daily and you can get responses almost immediately.


khan academy is really good! I use it for coding problems like sin and cos. :yum::cat:


I first learned how to code on Hopscotch and Hopscotch got me interested in learning other coding languages too :smile: Video tutorials (like on YouTube) are very helpful.