Cool Coding Contest



Hi People! I’ve decided to start a contest. There will be rewards for the winners. The entries are due August 20th. Which is one month from now. The theme is going to be water. That means water, sea, ocean, pool, underwater creatures, or anything that could have to do with H2O .

I am going to need to see who is entering and two more judges. If you are a judge you can not make a project.

  • I am going to be a judge!
  • I am going to enter!

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  • No being mean.
  • Make your project original to yourself. (No copying)
  • You May name your project anything.
  • Submit by adding it to this tab.
  • There will be prizes for first, second, and third place.

Good Luck!:four_leaf_clover:


I think that I will try to make something. I can’t promise that though.


I’ll try to make something, but I might not make it in time.


I will try to make something, but how are we going to enter? Will we post a link to our project here?


My project for the contest


Yes. You can put in a link or just add a picture (like you did). Please just add the title to it.


Ok, I’ll add a title to it


I don’t know if anyone else would like to enter. 2 days left. Only 1 person has officially entered so far…(good job @cheeseperson). Please enter because if only 2 more people do, everybody gets a prize!!!


I want to enter!


Whatever. Only 1 person entered. I’m going to extend the date to the 20th… maybe. Probably. If this happens again, I’ll extend the date again. Of it happens again…I’m just going to hand out prizes.


Can we do collab projects


What do you mean? What are collab projects?


It means joint works


Like, projects you make with other people


Ummmmm…sure. If you do enter with other people, those people can’t enter anything else.