Cool Blurry Font Trick!



Cool Burry Fount!!

Yay! you found the fount!

Just do
what you wanna say here
[/ spoiler]
Awesome now you have a super cool blurry fount!
dont do a space between / and spoiler!

credit to @Rawrbear and @kenlauescuadro

Heres step by step with screen shots!

if you don't feel like quoting tap the spoiler below to see it!

You tapped it! :wink: :smiley:

How do you make the blurry text?
The Lonely Crew
How to make smudged text

You mean @kenlauescuadro? He taught me! :wink:


yea sorry didnt know i just changed it :smiley:



So awesome! Thanks @SnowGirl_Studios


hi guys im the best thx for letting me do dis


This is the best trick eva!



Han Solo dies in Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Apparently, [details] doesn't work in a spoiler :/


Bladetail left. To be remembered.





Hieeee don't flag pls pls pls pls pls


Lol u quoted Hahahahahahahaha


Banana boat!


Spoiler Alert!
You can tap the spoiler to see it, so I didn't.


i can see what people are saying hehehe


I did not know that, and now I feel stupid

Testing emojis :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :sunglasses: :unamused: :disappointed: :worried:


Guess The Sentence:

Hi. I Love Everyone On Hopscotch And Everyone's Games.



Wow! That super cool! Let's see...

I love potatoes


I Saw You Edit That!


Testing GIFs...


This is super cool!

Test for fuzzy text