Cooking Game IRL (WIP)



Remember my Cooking game I had created a few weeks ago? This is a real life version of the game! Any feedback? :slight_smile:


All things have to be HS related! Please relate this!


Oops! I'll make it hopscotch related


Liza said all creativity is allowed


Oh ok! Well I related it anyway :wink:


Noice! Can't wait to see the finished version!


Amazing! I love the cute little oven! Maybe you could make it so you can open the cupboards, I think that would be really cool.


Woah! That is an awesome twist of hopscotch games! It is really inspiring, can I try this too? :smile:


This is AWESOENEMEMENEM! I love it!!!!!! How did you make it?


I already am planning to do that! :wink:


Definitely! Have fun with if!


The base is a popup card, and then I embellished it. I may make a YouTube tutorial on it someday!