Cookie Clicker Collab!



Hey guys! I recently made a topic about a cookie clicker, but I couldn't do it because I was busy. Now I have some time to do it, but I might need some help, so if your free and not in a collab, will you be willing to help me?
I need help on making the store and the powerups (Ex. Helping hand increases the tap by one), I used to make these but it's been awhile and I completely forgot. Thanks for taking your time to read this!

Cookie clicker preview

I am so sorry for the tags



@a10 I would be happy to do a cookie clicker collab with you sometime :wink:


Will you be adding more things to it?


Yeah, I just wanted to make a preview to let everyone know what was going on :wink:


I would like to help! :wink:


Erm, I'm guess I'm available to do a collab :wink:


Oh wow 4 winky faces in a row :wink:
Ok, back on topic!
What time zone do you live in @a10


This sounds cool, but I'm sorry, I can't do the collab. Good luck!


Can I join?


EST :wink:

It's 3:02 PM here


Oh ok, good to no. I live in PAC right now it's 12:04pm here


@GysvANDRegulus ummm, of course.
1: That's why there's a topic about this :yum:
2: You're an awesome coder
3: XD


I can do it! I've been getting tagged a lot lately though. Oh well work does pay off!


There's a whole entire video on how to make this, so why would you want to make a collab??


I'll join.


I'm in several collabs, but can I still do it?


Because I need to put in some specific powerups, like for example I think if you get 10000 cookies, there could be a mini drawing pad so you could customize your cookie :wink:


But thanks for telling me I'll look up to that