Conversations on the Direction of Hopscotch



“Trending” to me means it contains projects that blow up; the projects get many likes as soon as they come out


why is this flagged


what’s that? I’m curious


Petrichor/Nindroid’s breakout project
It apparently got Trending for posting one text object

But then he made it a full game out of it which was fun



I use it to keep up to date on what’s popular, what people are interested in, the latest challenges and trends, etc.


Question: What is Hopscotch for?


Hopscotch is an app that let kids code and explore powerful ideas of computing in a fun way.


What is the most common thing you see on trending?


Art. There’s only 2 games for each 50 pieces of art.


That’s a question for @rodrigo.


Whoops. It doesn’t matter though.


Wow, there are a lot of posts here since I read this topic XD

I think the same, since art is exploding in popularity and some people just want to see coded projects.
(I know I am participating in this topic 15 days after all this discussion happened, sorry)


Okay, if this topic is dead… let me die of shame. I’m replying to my old comment because I can’t edit it. I started stanning Yoongi…


Second thought… it was dead for a month… Kill me now!!!


What is this? I thought you’re on a NEW account?


God… A few months later, still on the same freaking account, living my miserable life, reviving hella old topics whilst simulationsly being high in anime. What’s my life come to?