Conversations on the Direction of Hopscotch



I will try to comment as a user.

Hopscotch still doesn’t have lists & arrays. I also have not seen another community that is off-topic both in its app and its dedicated discussion space — comparing,, though this is hard to change at the moment.

I have both Hopscotch 3.0+ and Hopscotch 2.0, thanks to the old Hopscotch school edition. While I can’t speak as a new user, I feel less friction moving back into 2.0 for small projects (you would have to test with a newer person to see what helps people more intuitively understand concepts better).

I Don’t have any more opinion or influence than that, right now I am learning/using Python & EmberJS as some nicely designed languages or framework too (to me, and what others seem to say.)

but these were what Hopscotch meant to me.

I like what this community was/has been/is :heart:


Finally someone talking about arrays. That would be great on a Hopscotch.


Question: how do you guys use Trending? What are the things that you expect to “find” there?


I either expect to find lots of projects by popular people, such as COAN, and many art related projects.


But “Trending” means that is something that people is looking or interacting with, isn’t it? Not necessarily “popular people”. Why art related projects?


First of all, is Trending set by computer or do you have to hand pick what goes in it?


Does it makes a difference?


It does because if you handpicked it, then there wouldn’t be a load of scruffy art that’s made by people who get lots of likes due to a past project that they made. But it would take ages to handpick it since there is so much there. Back in 2015/16 there was plenty of code and hardly any art. What’s changed?


I don’t know if you don’t tell me how the computer sets the projects up, sorry.
If it works by computer, does it sequence the projects by the number of likes it has?

To be honest, for me, I don’t mind Trending. I don’t have any reason that it should be taken off.


All software is hand-made at some point. So it’s “by computer” but made by humans. What do you expect to see on a category that is titled “Trending”?


Hmm. Well this doesn’t exactly work but it’s just an idea. Maybe there could be no remixes on trending, so that you have to code your own art pad before you use it. As I said though, it doesn’t really work if you wanted to use a better one or @Valgo’s kladescomos. Maybe @Aariv could help progress this conversation?


For something to be trending, you would most expect it to be something that the community would like and is fun for the community to see.


Yeah, that’s what I meant, just in detail.


I think just making a separate art trending and coding trending would be the best bet.

Also you guys should make it so you are forced to pick a category, like Art, Games, Remixes, or Random

(Actually, instead of a Games category, you could just narrow it down to Coding so there isn’t a lot of categories)


I have a topic where @MyPizza had that idea


In my opinion it’s a great idea


Yeah, I really liked it. I sent an email to THT telling them about it. Maybe you should do it


Ok I think that will be fun


Yeah I really hope THT looks into doing it!


Same, so I don’t have to see all the drama filled hs trending projects…