Conversations on the Direction of Hopscotch



Oh sorry
But I think the forum is scrapped already and there’s should be a notification for coders who have been on Hopscotch for at least 1-4 months, (and a Featured project maybe) so the forum won’t go in the wrong direction and can invite actual coders.


Ooo that gives me an idea. What if they did notifications every once and awhile that would give Hopscotchers ideas for projects to motivate people to code more. And they would say things like: hey! have you tried making a tapper game? Or: Have you ever tried recreating your favorite board game?


Good Idea!


Oh yes
They could have seasonal, monthly, and/or weekly winners
There could be a whole page dedicated to the seasonal, monthly, and/or weekly contests


I agree on some degree. Yes, I think that RPs and Art are slightly overused, and maybe the creativity should come from the coding from a standpoint. But something we must not do is degrade those people that do that. They are their own people-- and show their creativity in their own way on the app. Just because we show creativity a different way, it does not mean we should be rude to them and tell them to “get out” or something like that. I am not saying you do that, but others do and although we should be concerned about the well being of the app, others should not get hurt/defensive through that process.


Yes,I agree.


This is my opinion! Hope you like it.


To add some more posts to this topic, I’ll just say… I really feel like the quality of featured has gone down.

I mean, look at it this way: the game changers project quality has gone down to Featured’s quality 2 years ago.

Featured’s quality has gone down to rising’s quality 2 years ago.

But why?

Because some of the better coders have lost interest and don’t make high-quality projects anymore?

For more kiddos to get featured? That’s nice and all, but if you change what it means to be featured, it literally has no point, doesn’t it?

It’s becoming less and less gratifying to be on Featured lately, and it feels… odd.

I’d have to agree with @Aariv on this: Hopscotch is not what it was before, and a lot of us don’t know what to do.

I’ve been procrastinating working on a really cool project lately (involving some cool .json hacking :sunglasses::ok_hand:) and I feel like maybe some of us could do same; i.e, making some projects that could really blow people’s minds- show what it means to really code (on HS, obviously, there are limits).

Reply with thoughts.


let’s be the cool older kids

what about it people



I agree with every word you said there,@awesomenachos. I’m thought of a game(possibly my 4th featured) but there’s certain code that I don’t know how to do.


like what?


I want to have a night and day cycle for the game.



maybe make some objects invisible during each cycle? (Clouds aNd sun in the Day, moon and stars in the night)

and change the background color?


Yeah,but I’m not sure how to do that. I think I’ll ask someone like ThinBuffalo to help.


Here it is!


It’s fascinating to see how people remain so ardent, to code for so many years… those who haven’t absconded must inherit the true qualities of a coder.

There should be a global topic called ‘Conversations on the direction of humanity’


I started Hopscotch around five years ago when I was eight.

First of all, Hopecotch was filled with many new coders making new and exciting projects. Back then, it was all so exciting.

The layout changed about a year and a half later and Hopscotch started gaining a lot more popularity and fans.

Then the more square like project thing arrived. I have one word. WTH! Well, three words - it’s an abbreviation. People started quitting, fast. The new layout was personally uncomfortable and unfamiliar, it took ages to get used to.

Then began a cycle of art projects. Hopscotch was filled with art projects. For 2 long years!!

I haven’t really been on hopscotch for a year and from what the forum is saying, it’s probably worse. Sorry about the negativity, that’s life.

But, on the bright side, I purple you <3.
(Sorry for the BTS Taeyhyung reference, I still stan Jeongguk.)


Wow, I wrote more than usual in a short time! That’s a brownie point for moi \(^ω^)/


I found a tactic on avoiding the square publish rule on my IPad. Zoom out but don’t let go. Press publish whilst you are still holding the publish screen zoomed out. You can see the whole of what you want people to see if you publish your projects this way. I used that for my latest featured project, and I saw that when they picked the Hopscotch curators, they wanted projects which had been published attractively. Quick tip which makes it easier to get featured, and more likes over all. I’m surprised that so many people quitted when they could have done this!


Maybe this solves one of my problems. I will try and see if it works, thank you for the top! I am having a problem with some of my projects. I can’t zoom out all the way when publishing them and therefore some contents get “cut off” in the screenshot, while other projects works just fine.