Conversations on the Direction of Hopscotch



ooh wow
You should post some on the Hopscotch Research Center


I have no idea if THT is actually tuning in to what the users would like for HS
It’s weird that our problems aren’t fixed yet from all this time they’ve spent
And yes they’re a small team and they’re working hard but I don’t really know what’s going on tbh


Also you should have a flat rate of likes per hour to make comparing easier


Ooh yes
I think I mentioned that actually, but I forgot oh well


Mmmmm not exactly

They should have a “Featured Creators” page (and change “Featured” to “Featured Projects”) that updates every week or so, so that people can check out their acc and see if they get inspired or like their creations
I don’t support art (drawing) accs on there, because that’s would contribute to less and less coding related projects
Also on the forum there should be a “Nominations for Featured Creators” topic if paragraphs above ever happens


Drawing related :heavy_check_mark:
Clickbait picture :heavy_check_mark:
Club joining :heavy_check_mark:


They’ve asked us for our ſeedback a while ago, but idk what they’re doing with it tbh


I’m the one who recommended that account to tht on Nominations for Featured
I think he got Featured a while back when I nominated him



mmmmm not all types, just art in general
It’ll just be a mess and it’ll pressure that art is “important” to tht

yes, but one block of code can mean a big difference

Ikr It’s not even quality

That might be a lot of lag. I actually like the “iphone” version. It’s simple and mainstreamed.


I honestly think it has gone negative, positive, and everything in between.

We started off in about 2013-2014 ish I believe. That was positive. We were great, the app was unstoppable. It gained so much attention and so many coders really found their start. And after the forum was created in 2015, it was great. The coding was as good as ever. I think late 2016 early 2017 is when the gradual decline started. And now, you can see where we are.


The project quality has definitely decreased. Most people’s projects are just remixes now and floating texts. Before, the “average profile” had a few games, some art, and some code.

Featured project quality has also decreased. The thumbnails aren’t very attractive and some of the games are very basic.

Remixing is kind of like it was before. People really don’t add anything new to projects before remixing.

Forum quality kind of decreased a bit. People (based on my observation) are more sensitive so topics blow up very easily.

Hopscotch Moderation is okay but the remixes aren’t filtered so I can see bad words in those.

Future of HS? Idk honestly.

I don’t really look at artwork so can’t input on that. I wish @SuperGirl3Acer was still active, her art was so good!

Chatting has gone way too far lol

Social media? not really but I can see some aspects of it

trending I think is like it was before. some things make sense to be on there and some don’t


yeah, I really liked the old format better. It was a lot friendlier.


The Hopscotch of today. Made up of only drawings and RPs and remixes. I strongly believe that we shouldn’t draw a lot and we should not do RPs on the app. Yes HS is for creativity,but that creativity should come out through code.


Let’s not moan @everyone,if we want HS to be better,we have to take action!


inspiring words :))


Are you being sarcastic


no i am not thats why i put a happy face


It would be nice if the hopscotch team would add a description of what the purpose of each tab is and how they work directly on the app for people who don’t use the forum. It would also help make it so there are less people asking to nominate their projects for trending or other tabs you can’t nominate for. Not exactly a huge problem right now but it could still be a easy fix


The forum updates isn’t controlled completely by THT.
Its server and platform design is by Discourse.


I mean on the app if they added descriptions for new users