Conversations on the Direction of Hopscotch



Which leads to, COAN’s projects should all be on featured. THT needs to bring back the auto follow, where you would be automatically followed to a great hopscotcher (so you can actually see their projects, especially if THT isn’t featuring them)


I really do hope THT makes some changes


I wish the hopscotch team would consider our ideas, because for the past couple years Forumers have been addressing the fact that Hopscotch is different, but it seems like it has been a wasted effort. (And a lot of time has been spent creating new ideas, fixing problems)

Which is why we have taken a downward shift, it’s sort of like Hopscother’s got unencouraged to make ideas and code games. We haven’t gotten any form of recognition from the moderators since 2016.

If Hopscotchers we able to have some sort of voice, that would be beyond amazing. It’s like giving reviews and critics on how the app runs, from people who use Hopscotch. But I guess THT has been happy with he way things have been going (or maybe their working on a VR Hopsoctch super mode)

Maybe I’m just being selfish and over critical though and only looking at the down sides of Hopscotch. Hopscotch is a truly incredible coding material, and probably the best start and bouncing pad for young coders, which is probably what it should stay to be.

(We need to make a list of projects like Game Changers, but a complete list for the most influential projects of all time, and projects that are also great for new coders so that they can learn)

I hope some of that made sense, oh well


Also,I’ll like to talk about drawings and RPs and how we can solve this issue


If I had the chance,I would ban drawing on HS.


Yeah that is true, especially since it doesn’t get saved and you can’t use it later. That’s why trail art and pixel art are far superior.

It would be good to have a section for art of all types (interactive would be different) rather than no section


Someone actually agrees with me😱


amazing topic my dood


i don’t only do art on hopscotch, i code as well. i’ve coded the art pad i usually use, as well as some shape and trail arts. i’m actually working on a pretty big trail art right now, and i plan to do more code in the future (:

and i guess i do a lot of art on hopscotch bc it’s easier?? it’s faster, less difficult, and less stressful. there’s no bugs in the code to fix, it’s much faster for me to draw something that i put a lot of effort into than code a trail art or game.

personally, i think it’s fine if ppl on hopscotch do some/mostly art, but some code too (make their own art pads, trail art, etc.) that’s just my opinion, but you can have your own; i don’t wanna get in an argument over this. :))

wow i wrote too much lol


Interesting topic! It would take a long time to write about all of the things that you mentioned, but I think that the remixing isn’t too much of a thing now. The “remix count” has been removed from the project viewing interface since a few years ago. However, I still get a lot of remixes.


the old blocks were so good


you’re so rude
please stop


There are like thre or four of us making quality projects. One of them makes them all the time. The others don’t.

Good idea. Who besides COAN would it be though?

Oh hey fizzy
How do your applications to an art club make top ten trending? :joy:

Not at all. Most of the time, it seems the top trending project has less than five remixes. So they don’t factor in to 5e trending algorithm very much it seems.


idek lol
trending is weird, i don’t really like it actually
it’s annoying how ppl can glitch their projects to the top of trending ://


Seriously though.

It wasn’t like seven with five likes

Let me find it.

Yeah look 4 remixes 40 likes 22 plays. Okay never mind. How did it get so many likes and plays though.


honestly idk
ppl probably played it bc they wanted to sign up for the club thing?? i have no idea why it has that many likes tho


Really good topic @JonnyGamer!
Yeah Hopscotch changed a lot since its beginning…
I was going to say some things about this but I will do it later, GTG


Okay. So these are my thoughts.


Ok, It’s nice to code your own art pad,but HS is really made for coding,not drawings. I know you should express your creativity,but through coding. I’m fine with trail art.


Will you help us bring it back?