Conversations on the Direction of Hopscotch



If you’re anyone like me who has been on Hopscotch since the beginning (or at least a few years), you’ve seen the direction that Hopscotch has been leaning into. It originally started one way, but it has shifted over the years to something different.

Has this been a positive or negative change to Hopscotch? Maybe it’s been neutral? In the following conversation, we will discuss our opinions of what’s really going on here.

For example we will look at:

Project Quality
Featured Projects
The Forum Quality
Hopscotch Moderation
The Future of Hopscotch
Artwork in Hopscotch
Chatting/Social Media Aspects
Trending Tab
We’ve gotta give credit to COAN, he’s top notch

All conversation is top quality, anything goes. What are your ideas?


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NEGATIVE!!! Back in umm 2015 it was a place filled with code and that one Valgo project


I haven’t been on for even 1 year,but I can imagine how HS might have looked in the past


That’s correct! Valgo’s kaleidoscopic project or whatever it was called was on the top of Game Changers for at least 2 years, resulting in it being to most liked projects, remixed project, you name it

It was a great project for its time, and really should be a tutorial for new coders


Yes. If only there was a way to make HS right.


I miss the old blocks.


Me too. There should be a setting where you can change the art style of how the editor is displayed. And the community

I really liked the community layout when it first was out, but maybe I’m just biased (How To’s were also sweet)


Can you tag all artists? I’ll tag one of them
I have a question. Why do you draw,instead of code? Code was what HS was made for.


But drawings on Hopscotch are good in a sense, it’s creativity through artistic expression. But there really needs to be an art category, not just the trending (and trending has been broken for years)



I just really don’t like the aspect of trending. If a new project gets a certain amount of likes in a timeframe, up it goes. In Hopscotch’s recent update, it is much easier to create new profiles. That’s how I got the -1 span project thing to go crazy, because I wanted to show THT how broken the trending actually was

If there was any way they could keep track of IP’s, or not trust likes from users under 1 day old


Completely agreed, remember that one balloon game that got featured earlier his year? I’m gonna find it

It didn’t even run properly


There is an art category… people just don’t use it.


You are sooo right here. It gets me annoyed too.


Yeah, there needs to be software that can tell how much code is changed in a remix


@Got_This_Glow this one:
There’s no way it could’ve got 1700+ likes
There’s no way…


Yeah! I does not expain how to play. I thought u had to pop the balloons, and is the back ground meant to be glitchy?


I know, it’s some weird epilepstic game. It’s should’ve at most been on Rising, but in no way featured.

I thought Featured projects were supposed to be a new idea, innovative, good code, and fun to play.

(Which is another reason why artwork and pixel art and trail art should have its own Featured Art category, because some of it really is good)


That’s a really good idea!
You should recommend that!
I’ll vote for it!