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Well she or he said the wrong email so I said don't email that!


Okay guys! I emailed them.


This is what the screen looks like before Hopscotch crashes.


This question has already been asked and answered many times! @LavenderTime Make sure to search before you type using the teal magnifying glass in the top right coner:wink:


I couldn't find any crashing searches similiar to my crash type @Gabe_N.


:expressionless:. It's taking long for the Hopscotch developers to tell me they have changed my password and what to it they changed. What should I do? All I want to do is play fun Hopscotch! I was just about to publish an Emoji Wave project before Hopscotch crashed constantly! :ocean::worried:
•Please answer!


It is 9:00, so they probably won't reply until tomorrow....


No! Aw! I love Hopscotch . In my time zone it is only 7:02 o'clock....?


Oh, I'm in the same time zone as the hopscotch team. They usually don't answer after 6 ish here, so 4 ish where you are


Conversation closed. Problem solved. I just redownloaded it, losing my projects, and it was okay.


@PopTart0219 which time zone?


I'm a later sleeper :open_mouth: US Eastern. They are in New York


Conversation of crashing closed. Our new topic will be of a mean user in Hopscotch.
I remixed a world that my friend made because it was really good. Thie mean person, MonkeyMitch999, remixed my project I had remixed from my friend, and wrote on TOP of the words YOU MAD, BRO?
What should I do to stop this user?


Report him


I don't know hiw to 'report users.' Only report projects.


Report the project that was directed to you.


Okay. I reported it.


I will also try emailing the Hopscotch team about it.


I have changed my username. I used to be LavenderNerd.


Sorry, I mean LavenderTime.