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Hopscotch Team,
Hopscotch began to crash briefly this afternoon and I can't get it to stop, I've tried refreshing Hopscotch, restarting my iPad, and none of that has worked. My only choice left is to delete Hopscotch and then reinstall it, and then I would lose all my followers, likes, and projects, which I wouldn't to do. Is your team having developer isssues? Is anyone else having this problem around now?
Thank you, LavenderTime
(ShadesofPurpleSplat=Hopscotch username)


If you know your password you won't loose your "important" stuff.


PopTart0219 can you get back your followers likes and previous projects and drafts?


First of all: Welcome to the forum! Second of all: you can email The Hopscotch Team at help@gethopscotch
Does this help??


If you know your hopscotch password and username, then you can get to your things from anywhere, including the reinstalled app! :grinning::smiley::grinning:


Unfortunately I forgot my password:)


You can email the hopscotch team about it. They will let you change it to something you will remember.


How can you email the Hopscotch team?


@LavenderTime email this addres s:
Include your username.


Email the the Hopscotch team at!


@Phase_Studios I beat you!!!



No I said it first of all! :sweat_smile:


Yeah you have to email or change your pass,


I've sent my email. :grimacing: but now I have to wait til they answer it even though they said thay got it


Well you said!!!


@Huggingfluffybear what does that have to do with anything?


I can't like, so a :heart: For you
Also, email wth hopscotch team at



I didn't know that. Sorry whoops


It's fine!