Control Blocks Tutorial

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Some people don’t know what Control blocks are. Some people do but choose not to use them as they are too complex for them. I know most of them and I’m sorry if you still don’t understand any of my explanations.

First of all, Conditionals are the operations ( sums ) you might use for comparing. = means when two numbers are the same and something will happen. For an example, you could want your text to say a random date. Go to variables. Get a set block. Set Dare To Random 1 to 10

Go to control and get a check once and say when Dare = 1. Inside, put a text block in looks and sound, saying the dare. I will explain the check once block once I have explained the conditional blocks. It’s important to know the conditional blocks so you can understand and it will help you with complex projects.

This is a Work In Progress. I will work on this more when I have time.


good job.


I know what those are, as I’ve used both Hopscotch and Scratch. I don’t use Hopscotch anymore, but on Scratch, I’m awesomeplanet.

Scratch is accessible and usable on mobile, now.


Good for you for making a topic to help others!


Yeah good for to explain the conditional blocks! Those are complicated for new users usually.


Great start! I really think that this could help newbies with understanding these blocks.

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This is useful for new users to the app!
(I knew what they were but in the eyes of a new user who knows nothing of this)


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