Continuous lines..?



Hey guys. You know the method to continuously draw a line from one object (that moves) to another object (that also moves)? You know the method so it looks smooth and doesn't flash the desired color and your background color? Yeah, I forgot. Whoops. Can anyone help? Thanks!


I haven't seen a project made like that with a smooth line.
The line has to be deleted continuously after a new line is made.
So this causes the line to flash.
I'd be interested to see if anyone has found a smooth way to do this


I've seen it before a bit ago. Hmm..I'll check around more.


@MagmaPOP remixed one of @Funky_63_Greenland's projects and named it "remix" it was of a horse that used this idea!. @CreativeCoder I have been wondering the same thing myself!


If two lĂ­nes leave a trail at the exact same time the most recent entity's trail with overlap the other. If they repeat forever it should look like a constant line. Espacially if the older entity leaves a big white trail.


U have put in a text block
Put in a draw in a repeat forever or 7=7(repeat forever) and put in a pos block with the value x500,y400.
Inside repeat forever put a wait block (10 ms)

Now the screen update background color every 10 mili second

Now u can make lines that doesn't flash


@MagmaPOP That probably works...

@Funky_63_Greenland Oh yeah! I think that's what I was thinking of! Thanks!


I am happy to see a comment from you, @Funky_63_Greenland. I believe this is the first that I have seen. Published projects with variations of the name, "Funky 63" on them are often beautiful, clever and quite complex. Inspiring and fun to watch. To me, they look like the work of an engineer. I look forward to anything you will share (such as the above) concerning code techniques.


Thx for the Nice words.
I just try to inspire and I have a great time playing with hopscotch.

I'm a grown up and I'm electrician but only work on tower cranes.

Funky 63 Greenland


It's good to see you around here @Funky_63_Greenland!