Continuing On... (NOT LEAVING)



Ok. I dumped this project. Honestly, I dumped it. I’ve thought of bringing it back, I need your help though. Here it is. A dumped project 38 Weeks old. It’s gonna be back.



The main thing is, I need help on a simple thing, Its like doodle jump. That main character in my game, I would try to make it stay on the platform


You mean like this?


it wont show up for me??


Oh, uh wait


i cant see this topic in latest for somereason




how do you move exactly? im on compiter lol


So oops


oh ill go on phone :ppp


yeah basically that :ppppp


Did it help?


ill try it tho not now


I can explain it if you want but you can try to understand it yourself first
Just ask me if you have any questions


Cool! I wish you good luck on the game! Could you possibly tag me when you’ve finished it?


I dont really get the physics so much, could you maybe explain?


Yeah! Definitely


Awesome, thank you! Good luck with the project :slight_smile: