Continuing a business!


It was always like that, you always had to do projects unless you want to be an HSB finder or a planner. Can you show me 5 different HSB colors and name them? I saw the BG you made before.


Here goes nothing :wink:
Mint green - 135, 71, 100
Neon yellow - 65, 100, 100
Bright lavender - 270, 50, 100
Rich dark brown - 40, 90, 40
Dark teal - 200, 90, 50


Ok! You are in! I will add you to the list!


Hey! We're on at the same time! :wink:
And thank you :wink:


No problem!


Hey I didn’t leave this but am I still in it


Ok! Let me add you, what was your jobs?


HSB finder and…
Background maker


Ok! I’ll add you to the list!




Any time!


When are we going to start out first project?


Once we get enough people


Okay :slight_smile:
@WynFrens (sorry if you’re already in on this :blush:) come and check this out!


REVIVE! This is a great idea :wink::wink::wink:


Thanks, but it’s kinda going down. Now we just looo at the first topic, and remember summer of 2016. The good old days


@t7lks clive old!!!

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