Continuing a business!


I was a beta tester !!


Me! Pls? I was in before, I think.


You were? One way or another name me 5 different HSB colors and say what color they are


Ok! You don't need a project for beta tester, your in!


Thanks Expie ! : )


137,28,93: mint
223,81,21: navy blue
221,81,90: pastel blue
77, 45,32: pine green
235,83,75: periwinkle



Ok! Your in! I'll add you


Okie, thanks! :>:>:>:>


Anymore people wanna join?


Hmm... okay


Blue type: 236,97,80
Lime green: 106,82,79
Red: 0,97,88
Purpleish pink: 286,75,85
Bright blue: 187,100,95


Hi! Can I please be an HSB finder? I think that this will be fun :wink:


hey @WynterDiamond


Hi! Wanna chat? (Let's go to either your or my general topic)


Which one?
I hasnt bin on for sometime
Shool is tacking over the hedge


Oh, either one. I will invite you to my GT. (Sorry, I was coding :wink:)




Seriously. I was actually coding this -


Yes, you are in.
@WynterDiamond name me 5 different HSB colors


I'm HSB finder and background maker
I already showed you a project and i forgot my password for my HS account so i cant make a new one

also, im going to get a little mad, but, why do we all of a sudden have to make a project? cant you trust someone?