Continuing a business!



Hi, this is a take 2 of this topic:

It will still be called Downright Dreamers, and we are working on the same project. But there will be new people. That means if you were in DD (downright dreamers) before, that means you have a 1% more chance of getting in. To get it you need to show me a project based on what you are signing up for. (Unless you want to be planner or HSB finder, that I will explain.) Anyways, here are how many people I am excepting:

HSB finder (I’m allowing 5): @Kitty4U, @GravityFaller, @WynterDiamond, @KawaiiRose
Sound effect creator (1):
Musicians (2):
Beta tester (5): @Silverdolphin
Planner (4): @Explorer_, @ExquisiteSoup
Background creator (2): @KawaiiRose
Loading screen creator (2):

• Be nice
• Don’t swear or use inappropriate language
• Don’t start flame wars
• Before you publish a project plz show me
• I’m putting this topic on global edit, plz don’t edit without my permission




I don't get it, how do I sign up?


Pick what you want to be, and show me a project about that


I'd like to be planner.


Ok, so on a piece of paper, can you draw out code to make a project


Any kind of project?




Sorry if I tagged you twice


Could I be a planner??? I will plan code for a pixel art...


This is just a small part of a big idea...
The colouring is pretty lazy :sweat_smile:


can i have the same job(s) has i had plz


Ok! Can I see it plz?


Can I re join ????????


Can i be hsb picker?


@KawaiiRose and @Silverdolphin yes you guys can have the same jobs but plz remind me what it was and show me a project. (If it's not HSB or planner)


Ok, can you plz find me 5 different HSB colors and name them


You are in for planner!


Yay! Thank you so much! I can't use Hopscotch right now btw, but I'll ask my dad if he can help today. (I don't have the update and it isn't my iPad)


We might not get everyone today. It could take maximum 2-3 weeks maybe, that's what happened to the last one.