Continue Drawing Topic Backup


Cuz why not?
@friendship2468 please don't flag the next time like that

Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) (Unofficial)
Drawing: iPad vs paper

Ooooh I have been thought of :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Don't we have an official backup?


I WASN'T FLAGGING IT WAS A JOKE PUH-LEEZ GUYS! I thought you guys would have guessed that by now!


It isn't funny! Seriously!


Well how'd you play the prank? It's not like we're dum b, we know you were joking... It's just not that funny because editing one post is not pleasant


But it's not funny at all, the joke was...
Never mind, just don't do that again
@giraffedolphin26 did you have criticism for me?


I'm not sure that's exactly appropriate. :wink: Maybe edit to make it sound better?


I kept saying thanks to the leaders and it kept getting edited; did any of you guys see it?


I never saw that. Either it was a troll or somebody trying to be funny.


It was maybe because some people were commenting at the same time as you, and they pressed edit after you did, so the stuff you wrote didn't get saved

Try thanking them here?


I don't know, it showed up fine when I clicked saved.


I already have the official even @Kiwicute2016 said so


Well, yes I know who the troll who posted the Willy Wonka meme is.