Contest theme help


So if ppl remember, I was the first one to start the hopscotch Olympic contest and now I want to do another contest
What should the theme be?

  • World Series/baseball in general
  • Football
  • Other ( please comment below)


Votes are public.

And I will use the theme to name ally rn teams.
So if it was baseball then a team might be called the Red Sox
If u choose other then please share your idea then

I'm begging ppl to please not start a contest with the World Series theme or the football theme. When my contest is done, u can do one like @EnchantedAnimallover did. but please don't do it while mine is going on because then I won't get as many ppl


Someone please do the OMTL

@Murphy1 what is ur idea since u picked other?


Soccer championships

Or tennis


Good idea! Are there any soccer championships or tennis stuff going on rn?
I was gonna do soccer but I know that the World Cup isn't right now but maybe there is some other big tournament


The US open for tennis just ended :confused: lol


Rugby maybe?:rugby_football::rugby_football::rugby_football::rugby_football::rugby_football:


My dad has been watching tons of soccer, I dunno if it's anything special.


Maybe do a theme you know most people on the forum will know , like HOPSCOTCH or chocolate !

Please do not do it on soccer as I have no clue about it ! My dada does not watch it , no body does !


The Paralympics in Rio !


I already started the contest. And actually a lot of ppl know about soccer