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Contestants, You will have a day to make a new project. If you don't put your hopscotch name or link. You will be ineligible to join.

Projects will be rated on how fun they are. 5 people will be selected. Then we will have a poll for a name.

After that we will begin to work on our first project. Have fun!


Alright! I'll start work'n on it now!


Here's my link to my project called Pet care .5:
P.S our new account is called Codepro :sunglasses:


This was made on my school/code acc called iHersheyKiss

It's not that fun but it's cool to have as a background

I specify in backgrounds


I'm sorry. I don't think I can after all.... I didn't have enough time to finish my project and I don't think I would be able to do many of the challenges anyway with school and homework too. I'm sorry.


IM SORRY IM NOT ALLOWED MY IPAD :disappointed_relieved:


Hey when is the deciding going on we we're just wondering


Can I join?