Contest: Draw Mishka!




I'm looking for a good baby bear. I want to put it into a cover photo for my profile! Well, I can't draw, so I'm hosting a contest for it!

You don't even need to ask to join, just post a picture here, and I will choose the winner!

Requirements for Mishka:

  • Baby bear
  • Polar bear
  • Has to be drawn in Japanese style
  • Must be sitting

Use any drawing tool needed, including Hopscotch, SketchBook, Procreate, Tayasui Sketches, etc!

Good luck! You'll need it for all of the legendary artists who are going to join! May the odds be in your favor!


Looked one up!


Ok. Let me Bookmark this so i don't forget to draw a polar bear for you..


I'll do it but I will do it after


Sorry, you have to draw it!


Is anyone else joining?? :grin:

(I thought a lot more people would join this! cough cough @OrangeScent1 @LotsaPizza cough)


When does it have to be done??


I'll try and join, try try try!


Sure, why not, I'll join. I'm pretty bad at iPad drawing, but whatever. I'm bored. :slightly_smiling:


Can it be on paper or just iPad?


It can be done whenever possible! My suggestion is just finish now and be done with it! :wink:

Yes, you can use paper. :wink::wink:


I can't do it now because I'm somewhere and I don't have any thing to draw on


Hello I'll do it!

I dunno I hate this 20 rule...


i want to sooooooo bad
but my camera isn't working on my laptop so i cant take pics and post :sob: :sob:


Can't you just take it from your mom's phone and send it? (Or any other mobile device)


i tried with my phone but the forum wouldn't load and it said the pic had to many pixels :expressionless: i emailed my schools tech guy and he said he check it out tomorrow.. so he should be able to fix it.. and my ipad is way to old to take pics and upload them


Oh no!! I COMPLETELY forgot about the request you gave me! I'm doing it now!


My entry.

Sorry that it's so bad :frowning:


I'll try, but I'm no artist.


Where's the request? :yum:

By the way, if you screenshot your Mishka before you publish it, you have a chance to get on my cover photo!! Eh? :smiley:

If not, whatever! Hopefully more people join...