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Sorry I'm removing content from this post until I figure out how to delete it.


Wait, what? Why is this on this forum?


i got on my school ipad in the middle of class to watch the trailer and i almost passed out


That sounds cool, I will check out the links. However, all topics here need to be related to Hopscotch. Would you like to recycle?


You know this is not related to hopscotch so remember that topics on this forum have to be related to hopscotch


I not sure how delete a topic. .-.


Funny I'm just watching a news story about the new console


What's a console?
Maybe I should save money and buy my brother that for Christmas :slight_smile:


Shoot i'm advertising and I don't know how to delete a topic. =/


Your name is Joshua Chez or Josh Ball? That is personal information, I'm sorry. You must change your username.


You tag everyone to delete thier post, delete your posts, and edit the main post and tittle to another topic you want to make. You cant delete it though, just recycle like this.