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Hello forum!:grinning: So I recently refreshed my profile on the forum and then I realized something. There isn't a topic on the forum to talk about consumer electronics. All of the other tech topics were more for technologists, not for consumers.:confused: Meaning that non- techie forumers just don't visit that topic.

This is where this topic comes in. In this topic, we can talk about all of the new products from tech giants CES 2017, Gaming consoles, etc.


I'll start this out. CES 2017 was crazy cool. Those gadgets were amazing and I can't contain my excitement for when most of the products come out for sale.:grinning:


I saw that cool three monitor laptop.
But I forgot what it was called.


Great topic idea, @AlohaHawaiiStudios! This year at CES so many awesome, new innovative products were announced. Apple really really needs to step up their game this year...

@Phase_Admin it's called Project Valerie, and it's made by Razer


That line just made me jealous.


Razor, like the user we have.


Sorry, I made a typo. It's actually Razer


Hello everybody! I am TACOCODE! Wanna be frens


You are right. Apple needs to step up their game this year. They don't have that innovative edge that they used to have when Steve Jobs was around.:confused: I really hope they turn it around this year. With the tenth anniversary of the iPhone coming up, this year better be good.

Their own CEO Tim Cook sold most of his shares so he may know it's coming.


I don't want Samsung but if I get a phone I'll get Apple because I want to but Samsung is better


I want everything Apple. I'm a complete fan girl!:smile: The things I like from Samsung are their applicanes, like their OLEAD TVs, washing machines, smart fridges, etc. Their Note line is amazing. Too bad their latest device exploded.


Their camera quality is terrible for musical.lys


Marissa Mayer is off of the Yahoo Board!:open_mouth: Link:

This is crazy. She went from a high class Google engineer, to the CEO of a competing company in hot water, and now what is she going to do?


Has anybody taken a words per minute typing test. I just took this test online and at my most, I can type at sixty- five words per minute.:slight_smile:

How fast can you type?


I just took it and got 63 WPM :slight_smile:


Nice @MR.GAM3R! :grinning: Have you ever taken any typing classes before?


No, never. I guess I just type quite a lot


I haven't either. There is a typing class that I have to take next week though.


I'm bad at that. Last I checked (September) around 15.....


Are you thinking about taking any classes @Petrichor?