Constructive Criticism


Hey guys! Thanks for clicking on this topic!
Today, I am going to discuss the topic of constructive criticism, and what it really means to be constructive when giving feedback on someone’s post or Hopscotch project.

First, you must realize that anything put out into the community is probably done with a lot of thought, and also hard work. So you must acknowledge the hard work and all of the positive things done in the work, no matter if it is on Hopscotch, the forum, or even any other social media website or app.

Next, if you have identified a certain piece of code that could be condensed or a certain sentence that could be made to be understood better, just flat out say it nicely! Some people tend to beat around the bush with suggestions. Just say what needs to be said, but do it as kindly as possible. And try not to make it so that your answer could be taken to offense. Some criticism comes off super harsh, and can really offend the hard work of someone.

Lastly, especially if it is a new user, I like to sign my name at the end of a suggestion with the @ symbol, so if it is a newer user, they know where they can contact me if they have further questions, or they want to know from Hopscotch how to interact with me more on the forum. I like to think that is more personal, and also lets the creator know that if there is a problem with my suggestion, I am always free to answer more questions!

I hope this helped you guys learn how to give SOLID constructive criticism! Make sure to check out my hopscotch account because I recently changed my username to the_dancer! Also, on an unrelated note, my hopscotch website for the_dancer just went up on Jan 6th eastern standard time (USA)! So make sure you go check it out!



Ha practicly nothing done by me
This is an important topic tho


Great topic! You explained everything very well and gave some nice examples :clap:

I do that as well, especially and mostly when I welcome a new user :slight_smile:


Awesome! :smiley: Your topics are always so kind and helpful, everyone should read them!


Wow your great at advice! Thanks for helping the forum be a safer community!


But what if it sounds like I am purposely trying to sound nice?
Like if some guy decided to draw a figure but a little bit of it was off and weird and then I said…

hey! Not to umm burst your bubble or anything but I think if you kindly slid the (whatever was wrong) here it would look way much better. Also I really really like it and it should be in the louvre or something cause it’s a masterpiece!

That’s too much right? I also would not be like that. I usually am like this…

you should move the (whatever is wrong) over.

Is that fine? Is it fine if I just say the second one? Or is it the full all out craziest bad way to criticize?



You are thinking too much about it!! :smile:
Just be genuine!

hey! Your project is great, and I love how you added the spin code to the cupcake. But, the monkey is just standing there. Maybe you could add something to it like you did to the cupcake! Great work!

Thank you to the rest of you for all of your kind words!


Nice! You’ve really explained constructive crtitiscism. ( I spelled it wrong)
But please SBYP because I’ve already made a topic on this.
Sorry if I sounded mean