Constructive Criticism Team


This is for people whom want criticism on their projects, drawings, code, anything! It is free to join for all people, I’m currently by myself but if you’re interested tell me. :D

Tappy's Tag list


Ask me if you want to be added

Here’s the group of you want to join:


Nice! I like getting criticism because I want to improve.


Pretty neat idea. :ok_hand:


Yeah, same here! That’s why I thought that I should make this

@WaterFlame , thanks


Can I join pls @TappyMLP


Great topic!


What is criticism? I am d u m b


Cani join? I’m quite good at giving it without making people feel bad


Can I please join?

And @Cyborgx, an example of criticism is when you take a look at the other person’s project and tell them what you think they can improve, and where the bugs are.


This is pretty cool :DD! Once t1 makes it, could I join?


Sure! It’s free for anyone to join but thanks for the heads up :+1:

The team so far:


Nice idea.
Can I join?


Sure! Lemme just add you to the list :D


Can i join? I think the idea is cool


Sure!! You can join via the link :)


Where is the link? I dont know where it is


It’s on the top post, last line:


Can I join? I’m not the best coder so I could use some constructive criticism and I won’t get offended:)


Hey @TappymLP! Could I join? I’d love to have constructive criticism on my art!


Botanistgirl24 and @photographer123
Oh sure you can join but I think the meaning of this is getting a bit muddled here…
The Constructive Criticism is here for people whom want it to be tagged, of course, you can still join if you are willing to give other people criticism. :)