Construct 2 tutorials


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I’ve recycled this topic to discuss Construct 2 + Gdevapp.
This is the download link for Construct 2 (pc)

This video briefly shows the 'EVENT" and “ACTION” screen.
I instructed “Brick10” to disappear when the character collides with it.
There’s other commands that are easy to read.
This is just a quick demo.


Awesome, thanks for tagging me. I'll watch the tutorial soon. Gtg to bed!


Thanks for the tagging!


That's really cool! :smiley:


What's that?


Free Game creation program for the PC.
I'll post some videos showing how to make different game elements.
I posted a link to download Construct 2 on my first post.


I don't really think I want to download it. I'm pretty much done with coding.


That’s awesome. I think I know how to do that in hopscotch. Try maybe finding a blue emoji, super-size it and make it do sin/cosine, swirl and grow. Could work?