Conquistador and Huitzilopochtli



Hey guys,

It’s my general topic. Please ask me anything or give me feedback on stuff.
Please inform me of projects of mine that are awesome; good enough for featured.

I will also make announcements on this general topic. Please chat respectively to each other. Thanks.


That's an amazing profile picture :smiley:


Made it on hopscotch; check the code, coz its FTU


Welcome to the forum! :D



By the way, a compliment from me is really really rare :smile:

Welcome to the forum, by the way :slight_smile:


Thanks, love compliments


I like your Lava Route :blush:


Thanks, Fruit Rain is awesome and fun​:grinning:


What's about Snowball Run and Colored? Thanks!


All your stuff is awesome; but my favourite was Fruit Rain.




It's your first emoji on the forum! :slight_smile:


BTW does anyone have an idea for something I could make? I'll add you in the credit. (Preferably a game)


Sorry, idk. Ask @Huggingfluffybear, maybe...


Hmm maybe try music!


You can ask for @Rawrbear's big list >: )

Hi btw!


What would you add to HS?


Hi! I C U R new to the forum. Search up forum tips and tricks in the search bar. Read them and you'll be a master at the forum!
If you ever need any help tag me like this.
@TheRealBlah Which should look like @TheRealBlah


I'm gonna post a 'nebulae draw' in a few hours' Look out for it!
And I'm gonna post Lava Route edited again, but with the suggestions from the feedback.


Check out nebulae draw!