Connection really slow?


Hey there guys it's the fluffy bear and I don't know if this is just me but I have FULL bars and a great iPad but the fourm is really slow.

Anyone else having issues?

Bye, from the fluffy bear


I am too! Wierd right?!


Yes! I have the same thing!
My wifi is fine, I thought it was the wifi.


No, I don´t have any problems, but it loads a bit slower, but not very slow
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Maybe it is about to do updates sadly!!


I thought it was my WiFi, but mine is fine right now. If this continues for another hour or so, I'll tell Discourse. :D


Yeah, that's what it is it loads so much slower!


Thanks, p.s can you get the mod's on the fourm right now?

Or one?


I got 400 bad request right now.
And @Huggingfluffybear, your profile pic is just an X, the same with @Goobrgrlye


What the heck!

does this mean Liza is getting rid of the fourm?


Yeah, I can't view profiles, this is getting pretty annoying.



guess this is telling me to read.


Maybe... But, wouldn't hopscotch let us know? Or, the leaders, not the app. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


An update? I can see profiles, but its a delay. And, I can´t view the topic, it just says "Your connection is slow"


No, discourse does updates


It happens too me too! I thought it was just my horrible Internet. I can't even see pictures


Okay guys, it's must faster!


It's fine now! I was thinking I had to unplug my router again .-.



Yep it's perfect!


My connection is great

(Ethernet mostly)

But the fourm seems, quite today... Wow :joy: