Connected Apple Pencil Causes Application to Crash [Resolved]

Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: Crosbyman64

What kind of device are you using?: Apple iPad Pro 2018, 11” (iPad8,1), Software Version: iPadOS 15 Public Beta 8

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened):
I was playing around in a project, but after about a minute, it crashed, which seemed random at first, but when I disconnected my Apple Pencil 2, it seemed to stay stable (for about 2 minutes, and it hasn’t crashed again during testing yet).

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Connect an Apple Pencil to any compatible iPad
  2. Open Hopscotch and Play any project
  3. Play the project like normal for about 1-4 minutes (or just wait for ~1-4 minutes)

I expected this to happen: For the application to stay stable and not crash

But instead this happened: The application crashed within 2 minutes

Here’s a sweet screenshot: I made a video of it crashing, but I will refrain from posting it as it may contain Personal Information (The applications on the Home Screen are the ones I’m worried about). I know I could’ve just hid them on the second page, but I didn’t take that into consideration while screen recording. Blurring the screen also didn’t seem to help, as that made it look like it was edited to look like it crashed.

Anyone else have this issue? It shouldn’t be a problem so as long as you don’t have an Apple Pencil connected to your device.

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cut the vid when it shows your home screen


That would also make it look like it was edited to look like it crashed (like cutting to a black screen for example).


hmm maybe add a little note in your vid


Interesting! I haven’t experienced this before when using an apple pencil, although I haven’t tried playing projects with it, only making them. Is it crashing for you when you code in hs with the apple pencil?


At first, I thought changing an image caused my project to lock up and crash seconds later, but then I played another project without editing the code, and it still crashed within minutes.

So I disconnected my Apple Pencil from my iPad (by turning off Bluetooth), and that seemed to help.

So even having the Apple Pencil connected to the device caused it to crash for me. I only ever use the pencil for drawing.


To understand this problem better—did the app crash because you were connected to the Apple Pencil or because you started using it?


It crashed while it was just connected, though it was unclear if it actually was the apple pencil that caused this to happen.


One thing to note also is that I’m am using a iOS beta profile. Though the build is stable, it can very well still cause crashes to occur in any application.


@Awesome_E please close this topic, it seems that player version 1.5.17 may have resolved this issue.

I tested in a scenario where project freezing and crash would occur every time at the exact same moment while an Apple Pencil was connected and charging, and it is a lot more stable now than it was prior.


let us know if this resurfaces and you’d like a reopen