Congratulate a Hopscotcher on Their Feature!


Is this you?

Bill: gets feature
You: Ooh, let me go congratulate @Bill for their feature on their general topic!
You: Oh, @Bill doesn't have a general topic...I guess I'll go on Talk to a Hopscotcher...
System: Closes Talk to a Hopscotcher due to a maximum number of posts
You: Aww man

Well this is the topic you need!
Come here to congratulate Hopscotchers on getting featured! Getting featured is very exciting and special, and now we can all give Hopscotchers a great Featured experience!

What not to do:
• Please don't beg for people to nominate you for featured. This is definitely not the right topic for that!
• If you feel bad about having never gotten a feature, please don't take your anger out on others. Look on the bright side, and celebrate your friend's features! Know that one day, if you keep working hard, you will get a feature!

Examples: ("You" is not actually you, just a made up character.)
Example 1
You: OMG I have never gotten featured! :sob::sob: Please nominate me for Featured! :cry::cry::cry:
Example 2
You: I hate Hopscotch! Nobody ever nominated me for Featured! I'm quitting! :cry::cry::cry:

What to do:
• Congratulate HSers on features
• Announce that you got featured
• Discuss projects on Featured (including your own.)

Example 1
Joe: gets featured
You: @Joe, congrats on Featured!
Joe: thicks
Example 2
You: gets featured
You: I just got my first Featured! Thank you so much, amazing community!
RendomPerson: Congrats!
You: thicks
Example 3
You: Hey I love that project, "Potato Lalala" on Featured! Don't you? And congrats @MakerOfPotatoLalala!

I hope you find this topic helpful


I have seen people complain about The Mass Tag list currently in use, and we need new guidelines.

Please, copy directly off of this topic when using the Mass Tag list. It will annoy you, I know, but it will constantly change.

Here are the new guidelines for adding and using the mass tag list.

Add yourself only. Do not add other people to the mass tag list. I'll see all of the edits, so I'll correct you if you added someone else's name, on accident or on purpose.

Don't use the tag list in all of your topics. We shouldn't be using the mass tag list in every single topic we or another person creates. It is annoying to have to scroll through that, and it doesn't contribute to the discussion.

Always use the current version. Again, people will leave or take their name off of the list. Please always use the current version so we don't have to deal with people getting angry.

Please don't tamper with this list. It gets annoying when someone destroys something. So please don't tamper with the tag list.

Don't use them for silly reasons. It's annoying when people use the mass tag list when you are trying to guess somebody's secret account or something similar.

Use it only once in a topic. It isn't fun or friendly when people get mass tagged more than once in a topic.

Do not use this on an "I am leaving" topic. On the old Mass Tag List, it said this. Kiwicute said this herself.

If you have any guidelines, add them here. :wink:

Edit your name to this tag list.



You can congratulate people in Nominations for Featured, and that's what most people do I think, but I like this!


Amazing topik and amazing idea! :DD

However, I say it in the Nomiantions for Featued topic or they suaually create a topic :DD


This topic is so that everyone doesn't clog up the Forum with new topics about their features :3


This is a really good topic idea! I'll be watching it so I can keep tagging new featured people!


Cool! I think i totally fine if users create there own topic though!


Great topic!

I just got my first featured yesterday and my activity is now exploding with likes XD


Thanks! I mean, it's okay, but kind of unnecessary now that this topic is made.


Thanks! Congrats on your first featured :confetti_ball::tada::tada::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:


Yah, but some people, like me, like making there own topic, so that you can discuss your featured project and stuff. Idk, honestly I think users can talk here or there own topic.


I added "Discuss projects on Featured (including your own) into what to do!


Lol @Billy is a real acc?? (Sorry off topic, but great idea!)


wHAT A nice topiC?



Isn't that like bragging


Even though it was like 2-3 weeks ago, but anyway, I got 2 features within a week.

Cool topic though.


Not really, just letting the community know.


Not really. It's okay to be excited about something like a feature. And it's more for thanking the community for a feature than saying, "Oh, I got a feature! Now I'm so much better than you!"


Oh I thought she meant like say oooh I won I won i won


...But what was keeping it from being a cool topic in the first place? LOL


It is a cool topic...