Congrats to zachyswag for being awesome


@zachyswag I'm sorry your topic got closed so I am remaking it because you're such a great friend

Guys stop abusing the trial [INCOMING DEBATE]

No is fine @Cash

Rodrigo explained why he took it down


I bet tht is mad that ppl figured out how to do that
Aye &


No he took it down because THT needs money and you stopped that I think


Why do you guys think that they're selfish? They only took down my topic. People can still look at it! It's not unlisted.


No I don't think they're selfish I just think that THT needs money and if people reply to it wil be bumped to the top and if people keep using that method they will not get the money they deserve


It is a free trial after all. It would be kinda bad if they paid you for it after it ends even if you didn't want it


Well there's two options. People take the trial, or don't get it all.

I don't think they really care! They released the update for a reason, and rodrigo said himself that it's useful info.


Don't worry for the closure.Although,it was a cool trick!Thanks @Zachyswag!!!:slight_smile:


Not really a trick, but more of just explaining how the new update works!


Well,GTG to sleep,bye :sleeping:!


Oh hey dats my post.



THOMAS LIKED MY POST! You haven't been on since September!


oh wait, zachyswag is okay with this? nvm