Congrats to Poptart0219 (+Responsibilities)


Congrats @Poptart0219 on becoming a Leader! You really deserved it! It was such a difficult route, and you’ve come a long way! I hope you’ve learned all of the leader abilities, splitting, merging, opening, closing, and editing posts (Click the … at the bottom of each post, and then press the pencil icon to edit)! Since you're so smart, you've probably already figured it out! I became worried that I would have to reopen the Drawing Topic again, watching notifications pop up, but you beat the bot with ease. I would like to formally welcome you to the Bot Fighting Squad (BFS not BFF :wink:)! You'll be a great addition, and I can be lazy as I hand over the duties to you!

Here are some responsibilities that you will need to do as a Leader:

  • Open and close the correct topics
  • Help fight the Bot!
  • Merge duplicate topics
  • Unlist inappropriate topics (or topics that people ask to be deleted)

And most importantly of all

Use the winky face a lot :wink:!

Good luck,

What's Wrong With 😉?

Lucky!! :yum:

Also, this is by far the most important leader tip:

Here's a like! :heart:


Bot Fighting Frenzy :stuck_out_tongue:


Bot Fighting Friendsies ;D



(For a day)

Wait, so is it pinned...Pt


@BuildASnowman, I'm not sure pinning was required... This isn't really a needed forum announcement.


And this, my friends, is why I wanted more staff :smiley:
But in all seriousness, congrats @PopTart0219! You totally deserve it. You are going to be a great addition to the FWABPA (Forum wide anti bot protection agency, pronounced 'fewabpwa') You are already doing really great! Keep doin what you're doin and you'll be awesome :wink:


What's the difference between normally Pinned and Pinned Globally?


It's a banner at the top of the page until you open it :wink:.


Outta likes again ._. :heart:


@PopTart0219 I am so happy you have earned the leader badge. But remember, even though the leader badge is a badge of honor, you have to use it wisely to protect the forum community


She totally deserved it!


Thanks! It was really...interesting while trying to promote me this morning :sweat_smile:


I ran out of likes again... Edit this @PopTart0219


There's a wrench, and it says "Admin" at the top and "Rebuild HTML", am I supposed to have that? It's not the wrench, but I bookmarked this post, and a wrench icon came up


I don't really know. Possibly to make a new html for it? Doesn't make sense why we would need it!


I just researched this "rebuilding HTML" stuff. I don't know exactly what this is, but I believe it has to do with rebuilding the code of this forum..? Don't touch it, I'm doing more research. :wink:


It means if the post is broken, it 'reloads' the post, like makes the parts that are supposed be bold bold again, etc. You are supposed to have it.


Okay, thanks! Also thanks for getting me situated out :wink:

Remember the wink! xD - BAS

Note to self: overuse this :wink: @BuildASnowman