Congrats @pumpkingirl!


Congratulations, @PumpkinGirl! THT is using your project as inspiration for other HSers! I just got a notification! :smiley:


Yeah, me too! :0

@PumpkinGirl congratulations! :D


I was about to make a topic about this! Congrats!


Woah awesome @PumpkinGirl!! Does this mean that she won the HHC or is it just a game that they really liked?

Ps I love your phone background @PenguinGaming713!




Yayyy! I just figured out!
I'm glad they liked my project


Great job!! @PumpkinGirl!!


Would you mind if I used your screenshot in a topic?
I forgot to screenshot :joy:


Congratulations, @PumpkinGirl! What game was this for?


Great job! :slight_smile:
That project is cool!


Thanks! :laughing:
It was for the HHC16


You're probably going to win a prize! :0
They usually Feature or Announce some projects right before they announce the winner, and those projects are always the ones that win!


Yeah I know I saw it too!!!

CONGRATS @PumpkinGirl!!!!


But what kind of game was it?


Maybe... ( 20202020 )


Here's the link :


Me too lol!!!


Oh. I made a very...similar game. It's not as complicated, but it seems like everyone is doing the same kind of game...


Oh! Well I started working on mine about a week before the competition was announced, I was planning to publish it as a normal game. :smile:
Can I see your level?


My level?